What is Blimp Rock?

Blimp Rock is a venture capital band founded for the purpose of raising $700K for a concert on a blimp floating above Lake Ontario.

On behalf of parent company Blimp Rock Enterprises, the band formed in 2012 with the intentions of raising the funds through selling albums and vintage office equipment such as rolodexes and floppy discs.

In 2015, Blimp Rock also sought revenue through a legal dispute with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Aware of the dangers blimps pose to birds, in 2016 Blimp Rock sought to give back to the ornithological community by donating their merch sales to build a blimp shaped bird house.

Despite all these efforts, Blimp Rock’s funding total currently sits at $ -2138. On the verge of financial ruin, the band/company has decided to rebrand in hopes of a clean start.

Enter Soap Opera: the first album released inside a bar of soap*. You can watch the video for the single "Dear Science" below:

Featuring 9 fresh new tracks, Soap Opera will be released in orange and grapefruit formats. Inside each bar exists a laminated download code.

How will you get to the music? Blimp Rock will leave that to you.

Questions? See our F.A.Q.

*In celebration of this new release, Blimp Rock’s parent company has changed it’s name to Blimp Rock Enterprises and Bath Products.