Introducing 3.T.E.P.F.F

Blimp Rock Enterprises Team

In today’s corporate world, it's nearly impossible to turn a profit without the use of:

  • Clip Art

  • Acronyms

  • Bullet Points

the bullet point up close

That is why we've come up with a plan that incorporates all three.


The Three Tiered Economic Plan For Finance
or 3.T.E.P.F.F [three-tep-ff]

TIER 1Marketing


The first and only step of marketing is to hire a marketing team. BRE did this before we came up with the next two tiers of this very plan.
TIER 2Economics


The first and only step of Economics is to make graphs, which is why we’ve had the marketing team make several.


Blimp Rock Enterprises 'Our Income'


Blimp Rock Enterprises 'Expenses'

Projected Income

Blimp Rock Enterprises 'Porject Income'
TIER 3Vintage Office Supplies

Over the past 37 economic quarters, we’ve seen an explosion (no, not that kind of explosion) in sales of vintage clothing, vintage jewelry and even vintage music. BRE believes it’s only a matter of time before “Vintage-Mania” extends to the business sector, which is why we’ve invested countless payday loans in Vintage Office Supplies such as: