Meet The Team

Introducing Blimp Rock

The Team of Blimp Rock Enterprises

Toronto based corporation Blimp Rock Enterprises (BRE) has recently hired a Marketing Team to raise$700 000for a music festival that will take place in a blimp floating over Lake Ontario.

For this assignment, the team has formed "Blimp Rock” and plans to raise the funds through the sale of easy listening rock, touring as a relatively unheard of Southern Ontario band and selling BRE's line of vintage office supplies. For more information, please visit our F.A.Q.

Meet The Blimp Rock Team - Team Spokesperson: 'Peter Demakos'
Meet The Blimp Rock Team - Lead of several ‘solo’ projects: 'Claire Whitehead'
Meet The Blimp Rock Team - Adds that extra ‘kick’: 'Emma Tollefsen'
Meet The Blimp Rock Team - Works on a supportive basis: 'Robyn Letson'
Meet The Blimp Rock Team - Supportive basis on an occasional basis: 'Stephen Callahan'