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Introducing Soap Opera: the first album released inside bars of soap.

Blimp Rock new album: Soap Opera


After unsuccesfully suing the Toronto Blue Jays in Oct. 2015, morale at Blimp Rock Enterprises was at an all time low.

Here's a transcript form a Jan. 2016 share holder meeting:

"What if..." started lead singer PETER DEMAKOS, "we release the album solely on streaming services?"

Guitar player STEPHEN CALLAHAN shook his head: "I just feel that's been done before."

Drummer EMMA TOLLEFSEN chimed in "I'm tired and need to stream myself in the shower!"

ROBYN LETSON, bass player extroadinaire, had an a-ha moment "what if you could stream the record in the shower!?"

The band spent the remaining 14 hours of the meeting penning the following statement:

"We at Blimp Rock Enterprises believe that the 'getting music quick' market is over-saturated. That is why we've striven to release our newest record as slowly as possible.

'Soap Opera' is the world's first album released in bars of soap.

Inside each bar is a laminated download code. Now you will be able to stream our music, literally, in the shower.

With typical hygiene habits, we're hoping it could take weeks to reach the music

Which is exactly what we're going for.

We believe this could be the beginning of the #slowmusicmovement

Please stay tuned for our holiday release which will be located in the 31st day of an advent calendar."

Soap Opera is available now on Bandcamp and Etsy.

 Soap made by Andy Swan. For more of Andy’s products, check out Andy’s Shave.