A Message From Our CEO

Owen T Nowlan

It is a sincere pleasure to introduce myself to you, Interested Party! I hope you have at this juncture received your informational brochure-o-gram, entitled, "Blimp Rock Enterprises - What's In It For Me?" and memorized Appendix 1C - Blimp Safety, because I will not be answering further questions about Appendix 1C - Blimp Safety! This is your only warning.

Blimp Rock Enterprises (BRE) is a wholly serious business venture, incorporated to realize the dream of hosting the world's first lighter-than-air and highly profitable music festival above Lake Ontario. We are pleased to welcome you into the warm, fiscally-prudent embrace of our "Three Tier Economic Plan For Finance (3.T.E.P.F.F)" which will allow us to fulfill all of our dreams within our stated budgetary limits!

Our talented Marketing Team will use the 3.T.E.P.F.F. in conjunction with our complete dominance of the vintage office supplies market to raise all necessary funds to make our corporate dream come true!

We feel as if we don't have to, but since you're already thinking about it, at this point I'd like to congratulate the Marketing Team for their phenomenal success with the second iteration of our advertising campaign, entitled "Sophomore Slump," which will be available for commercial and personal use this fiscal quarter. Do not forget to visit the gambling sites online casino spellen

I eagerly await your compliments and concerns at this time,


Owen T Nowlan - C.E.O. and Airship Pilot (Probationary)

Message from CEO Owen